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Now that Utah allows any scope what have you all found that works well?

I've really enjoyed the Zeiss Rapid Z scopes I have on my rifle with the hash marks for elevation. Is there something similar set up for the ballistics of a ML? I could shoot accurately to 200 yards with a 1x scope so hopefully 250-300 yards will be a good possibility with a better scope.


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LAST EDITED ON Jul-24-16 AT 10:43PM (MST)[p]Leupold and Nikon both have scopes with reticles made for a inline muzzy with 50cal 250 grain sabots at 2000 fps. Both are made to get you to 300 yards

Leupold is the ultimate slam.
Nikons is the inline.


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Not to cause a riot, but I wonder about your 250 - 300 yard "good possibility" statement.

I am sure there will be a few who claim to have killed many, many an animal with a muzzleloader at 400 yards.

Back when I first got into muzzleloading, I wondered how far was too far.

I did a little numbers crunching, and I figured that with my muzzle velocity being 2200 FPS, and a ballistic coefficient of .210, my DOWN RANGE velocity was not high enough to expand a bullet at 300 yds.

Not even close.

Talking to Barnes bullets, who makes the muzzleloader bullet I use, the velocity required to expand their bullet, reaches its MINIMUM FPS at 150 yds out of my gun.

Sure, that muzzleloader will chuck a bullet 300 yards. But the foot pounds of energy at that range, and the velocity that it has are not enough to make the bullet work properly.

I regularly practice on paper at 200 yards.
Not because I will ever take that shot, but because I figure that if I can make a 200 yard shot consistently, I will always be able to make a 100 yard shot.

But for me, I wont take a shot at an animal knowing that my bullet wont perform properly, not even if I figure I can hit it.

Thats a personal choice.
The change is scope regulations didn't alter the effective range of my bullet.
It made hitting paper easier at long ranges.

I would look into your set up before taking a 300 yard shot at a living thing, with a muzzleloader.
Look at your bullet. How much speed it needs to expand.
Look at your muzzle velocity.
Figure out what the effective range of your set up is before you go out and buy a scope thinking you can now shoot 300 yards.

Just my opinion.
Is it worth it?

Obviously this will start an argument.


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Good comment. Nothing worse than wounding an animal, especially if it can be prevented.

I like the TC 250 grain sabots. I haven't checked the velocity and ballistics but definately need to before attempting a shot that may be more likely to wound.


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Not a big fan of 300 yard shots with a Muzzy. But if that's what your looking for any centerfire rifle scope will work.


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I put the Nikon inline on my muzzleloader this year. Seems good enough for me. It has a bdc rings out to 300 yards.


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Excellent post by SHEDYGAGA.

I put a 1.5 X 5 Leo on my muzzy elk rifle.

I am always tempted to use sarcasm when people suggest a 3X9 or 4X12 scope for a muzzleloader.
Why ? Are you hunting squirrels ?

Deer and elk are big targets. I have played with this scope out to 400+ and see no problem aiming.
I limit myself to 200 yds because of ballistics.


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I put a simple Weaver 4x on mine. With my ballistics, its a dead hold to 175yds, bullet opens, animal drops.


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LAST EDITED ON Feb-03-17 AT 05:55AM (MST)[p]I use an inline & scoped mz.
Got a Nikon as it was the only mz scope available at the time.
Saw way to many guys stick whatever scope they had on a mz,only to have it fall apart from the impacts.
The Nikon is a good scope,clear & good low light gathering,but I dislike the BDC rings blocking image for me.
That said I can shoot out to 200 consistently.So hunting within that range is easy. And dead on 1 1/2" groups @ 100 is not effected by rings.
Wished the rings were not so bold.
Wish I had a Leupold on it now.
I'm a fan of xmas tree style reticles like Ziess & Leupold have if it does have range scale at all.

That said I can shoot it out to 300 @ the range,but would never hunt with a shot that far.

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