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Looking for some help with a Rem. 700 muzzle loader. I had a friend drop off his muzz that has a stuck breach plug, sounds like he hasn’t taken it out for several years and now he can’t get it removed for cleaning. Any secrets out there? I imagine there is some serious corrosion and build up between the plug and the barrel.


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FIRST, verify it is unloaded and empty!!! See if you can use the ramrod to measure depth, or see thru it with the bolt removed. Apply Kroil or another type of penetrating oil to the plug and let sit for a while. Then clamp it securely in a vise where you can get some torque on it, without damaging the stock.

A friend at work offered to help his buddy get a stuck breech plug out, and they decided a small Bernz-O-Matic propane torch would heat up just the outside quick enough to expand it, and the extra clearance would make it easier. Imagine their surprise and shock when it fired, sending a bullet thru the garage wall!!!


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Kroil is amazing, should do the trick. I have used brake fluid to free a stuck piston in a small engine. Also turning it to tighten even a little bit and then to loosen may help. Good luck amigo.


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Hey DC!

Make Sure & Buy Some High Grade

Permatex High Temperature Anti-Seize Lubricant

It's Silver in color!

Brush the Anti-Seize over the Entire Thread Area after you've cleaned/brushed the Plug!


The Breech Plug needs to be Tightened just a little more than Snug!


Lots of Guys Thinking the Plug needs to be as Tight as You can Turn it,NOT SO!

I Use a High Quality Thin Wall Socket which sometimes are hard to find!

There's other Brands of High Grade Anti-Seize out there as Well!

But We've had the Best Luck with the Silver Colored Anti-Seize!

I Do My Own Testing on My Smoke-Poles!

Click-a-Pic ... Details & Bigger Photos
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