My 2019 Bighorn hunt pt.3


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Onward to rifle season. My buddy from before was not able to come. He was hunting elk, so another buddy of mine came along for the adventure. This unit has a fast-growing, flourishing herd of sheep that roam from the top down to the river bottom constantly. You really never know where you will encounter these sheep! Day one we glassed up 26 ewes and lambs about a mile from camp. 30 minutes later we glassed up a group of 11 rams; all youngsters. Later on that day, we found a decent ram and a few more ewes and lambs. By now I had a good feeling for where the rams liked to hang out, and finding sheep was not super hard. I had 4-5 different locations that I knew would eventually have sheep. Day 2 was not as productive; no rams. Day 3 and we went to a different location first thing in the morning. We were watching a couple of muley bucks when suddenly my buddy noticed a couple of rams about 50 yards away! They had apparently fed out while we were checking out the bucks! One was a no-brainer!! He was quartering away hard, but at 50 yards that's a chip shot. One shot later he was down for the count. I feel extremely blessed to have been able to take such a fine animal. He was aged at 9. What a fantastic trophy!

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That's a beautiful animal, but I'd say their's nothing "nontypical" about him"! :)

Anyone who gets an opportunity to hunt sheep is blessed in my book, but it sounds like you put in your dues for this chance. Congratulations on an outstanding trophy and thanks for sharing.

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