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I drew my first ML bull tag this year. I'm just not the lucky kind I guess it took about 20 years to get it.
Well I went on opening day Oct 1st. I fell and I was sure that I was not going to be finishing the season again all the luck of a run over snake.
But my son Jacob got me out.

We went to a place I have seen a lot of elk but it is wide open and not much cover. We didn't see anything until 2:00 pm. We drove around a corner and there were two bulls on the side of the hill. They took off running and went into a creek. One bull the biggest one took off across the desert the other stayed in the trees. I got out and followed him into the trees. I found him, but didn't get a shot. Jacob went down the creek and saw him again, and we lost him. We decided that Jacob was going to try to push him out of the trees. We were wondering why this bull didn't follow the other one.

Well Jacob saw him and waved me to go around in front of him. I got to the BLM fence and started to make my way to the bull. Then he came out in the open. He wasn't limping but he wasn't running either.

I took a range on him, it was 248 yards. I set the sight and held for a high shoulder shot.
At the shot the bull folded right there.

Jacob was watching and he said he saw the bulls legs pull up and down he went. Then he heard the shot a little bit later

We went to work getting him quartered to pack. I did the cutting and Jacob did the hauling.

The only load I carried was the head. He is a great young man.

We found the bullet. It had broken the shoulder and took out the spine. Jacob found it as he picked up the shoulder and it landed on his boot.

The bullet lost only 4 grains. I was impressed with that.

Rifle-- TC Hot Rod Renegade 50

bullet-- 458 gr paper patched lee 500 S&W bullet I make my self sized for my gun

Powder-- 80 gr of Pyrodex P with an over powder wad.


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Congrats. Awesome Ron. Hunting the elk with a muzzy is a blast. Headed out here in Utah for 10-days of muzzy elk hunting next Tuesday.

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