My 2020 New Mexico archery buck.


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Well here is my New Mexico archery buck after 4 days of hunting i was finally able to locate this buck. I then spent the next 3 days trying to get close enough for a shot. Finally on the second to last day of the season i watched him and his 5 buddies bed down and was able to sneak into 140 yards of them bedded.

Now the waiting game started as i knew they would feed down my direction when they got up that evening. After 4 hours of sitting in the sun the 5 other bucks made there way down and past me. Only him left up above. 15 minutes later i was beginning to think he had slipped out without me seeing him but just then he appeared and followed the script to a tee. He came down giving me about a 50 yard shot. I didn't make the best shot hitting him high and back but was able to see ample amounts of dark red blood pumping out of the entrance hole as he ran away.

I watched in shock as the buck ran a mile across the flat and jumped a fence and then into the thicker sage, and was headed for a spot i had blown stalk on him the day before, Figured he was headed for that spot.

Rather than following the track i headed straight for the truck 3/4 of mile away as i knew exactly where he jumped the fence at. I figured i could drive up on the hill above and hopefully find him in his bedding area. No such luck, i glassed till almost dark then went down and checked where he crossed the road at. Very little blood at that point a mile into his track. I decided to give him the night and start on his trail first thing in the morning.

The next morning the track was pretty easy to follow in the Sandy soil and after 1/2 mile i came up onto the buck dead, he never made it out of the sage and was most likely dead before i even made it up on the hill to glass.

Unfortunately the coyotes had found him first, dirty buggers got one back strap, a full hindquarter and most of the second hindquarter. But i still was able to recover the fronts and the remaining back stra, a good portion of the second hindquarter, plus the neck roasts.

Also luckily they stopped eating the hide right at the shoulder mount cut line so i was able to save that as well lol

This buck is a 7x5 plus eye guards and is my largest archery deer scoring 188.5 gross, and is my widest buck ever at 29.5 wide. I am beyond happy with him.

Screenshot_20200913-151841_Video Player.jpg
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Screenshot_20200911-064308_Video Player.jpg
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Here is what the coyotes did.

I kinda figured he was a younger buck but I think he was an older buck looking at his teeth, what do you all think?
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Very, very nice!!! Good for you for getting it done. It’s real hard with a bow. I’m impressed. Darn nice buck too!!


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Very nice Buck, I bet there is some good coyote calling in that area.
Good looking rack.

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