My 2021 hunt season


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Started out in April with a hog hunt to Texas with one of my sons and a hunting friends. Never hunted them and was on bucket list. Was invited to join a group going to S4 Hunting Ranch in Texas. Drove down and had a great time. Was put up with meals and all for 3-days. We all bagged our first hogs. Fun early hunt when nothing else is happening.

First part of may I was successful on a good tom turkey with my new purchase - Rossi 410 shotgun. Turkey hunts are always fun!!!

In May took a couple friends that had wanted to go bear hunting for years up to Idaho and got my buddy his first bear. Slow spring with weather and temp.

Fall hunts started with a 9-day Utah general muzzy deer hunt with my 3 son's. Two bucks bagged with one being a good 4x4 bagged (best we seen this year).

Next was a 8-day Wyoming elk hunt for my oldest son after returning home to refuel and re supply. Seen numerous mature bulls. He ended up bagged a 50 inch wide broken bull. Several MM members reached out to help and give advice on this hunt. I believe I have responded back to them all and thanked them. If I missed anyone, thank you. This site has been great for helping other hunts and receiving help from other's. THANK YOU ALL!!!

a couple weeks back to work and off to the mountain for 10-days with the 3 son's for general muzzy elk. One son bagged a 4 point bull and filled his cow tag and another son filled his cow tag. Fun hunt but way to hot and dry to be very successful. One of the least successful years, but great memories made.

Back for a day and packed up wife to head to Colorado for her 3rd season deer hunt. Seen lots of good bucks, but warm and dry again. She bagged her best buck to date.

Great time spent with family and friends. Great lifetime memories made.

Retirement has been awesome so far!!! ;)



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