My CO 2nd season buck


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I spent every spare second this summer getting my landscaping done in preparation for a wedding. I had no time to scout this year. I originally drew a muzzy tag but had to turn it back in due to drawing a high end elk tag in NV at the same time. I can't handle not having a deer tag so I ended up finding a LO tag for the same unit for the 2nd rifle season. About a month before the hunt I was able to go help a friend out on his archery tag in the same unit for one day. He put a stalk on one of the biggest bucks I've ever seen in this unit. He was able to get within 40 yards but ultimately never got a shot. A month later and I'm in the same area with a rifle tag and I found him right at first light bedded down within 300 yards of where we had seen him a month ago. Long story short I missed him and he ran toward another hunter and was shot. 193? and 30? wide 6X7. I was back to the drawing board with no other bucks scouted. I had all my eggs in one basket and they all just got smashed. Over the next 5 days I passed up 30+ bucks but just could not find the one. Friday morning I decided to head back to where I had missed the giant. Not 200 yards from where I had missed the week before stood a great buck. Super tall with a great back end. I got to 530 yards and decided that was my shot. He soaked up two shots from my 28 Nosler with 195 grain bergers and finally went down. I learned that a lack of scouting can really put you in a frustrating spot when the season rolls around. I'm happy with him and will make a great addition to the Muley wall.


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LAST EDITED ON Oct-27-18 AT 04:55PM (MST)[p]I didn't think that one holein' 28 ever missed! :) :)

Dandy consolation buck Marley and good luck with your next adventure.


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Very nice.... cool

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Congrats man.


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