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LAST EDITED ON Sep-13-18 AT 11:36PM (MST)[p]I just got home from my NV elk hunt and thought I'd share the story and pics. I decided to do this hunt with Timberline outfitters and am glad that I did. They were top notch and worked hard to find good bulls despite the extremely slow to nonexistent rut. I decided to hunt just the last week of the hunt but it didn't seem to make much difference. We only heard a few bugles right at dark and then they would go silent before the sun came up. We were finding bulls up high all by themselves and cows down low without bulls. Definitely not the norm. Tuesday night we decided to hike back in to some country that we couldn't glass otherwise as we felt like we were just seeing the same bulls every day from the glassing spots. This turned out to be a good decision. We found a nice crown point bull and a long tines narrow bull jockeying for cows in the very back of the canyon. We figured that they were both in the 360-370 range and I would be happy with either one. Here?s the crown point bull.

When we got back to camp one of the other guys said that he found a bull with a giant frame with 30 cows just on the opposite face from us as well.

We hiked back in the next morning hoping to find any of the three bulls still in there. When we were almost to the top we heard a bugle in the exact same spot we had last seen the crown bull the night before so we started up the steep side of the canyon wall toward the bull. The problem was the wind was blowing downhill so going above him wasn?t an option and coming from below him gave us no cover. We decided to get to his same elevation and see if we could call him over. Just as we were about his elevation we heard him bugle again but this time just over the next ridge and coming in hot. When he created the ridge we realized that it was the giant frame bull with only two cows out of his previous 30 and he had his G1 and G5 broken off. He had had a bad night apparently. Seconds later he pushed his only two cows into the trees just 100 yards above us and then ran straight down the canyon to the creek 500 yards below us. He just dropped off his only cows to us and left. This was a no brainer. We just stepped between him and his cows and 10 minutes later here he came screaming his guts out looking for his cows. We let him pass us up slightly so he wouldn't cut below us and catch our wind and then gave him a quiet cow chirp and boom here he came with his head tipped and bellowing the whole way. He stopped at 33 yards to bugle again. By that time I was already drawn back. After his last bugle he turned perfectly broadside and I sent the arrow. The grim reaper broadhead hit him perfectly and blew clean through and down the Canyon another 30 yards. He ran 50 yards, stopped, and then rubber legged it another 20 yards and fell dead in sight. No tracking job needed on this one. He is my biggest bull to date. He has 61 1/2? main beams and a 48? inside spread. The size of his frame is still unreal to me. He scored 362? broken. Based on the pics from the night before he broke off another 18 inches putting him in that 380? range. We were able to get it all on video from my angle and from another spotter way up the canyon from us. As soon as I get it I will post it up.


Congratulations! Great story and even better bull. Amazing to think that a creature like that can walk through trees and vegetation. The width is fantastic. A hunt you'll replay in your mind over and over I'm sure!


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"He had had a bad night apparently."
Not nearly as bad as the morning you gave him. Congratulations on a beautiful bull.


My hunting spot is so secret, not even the elk have found it yet.


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Congratulations Marley,
You certainly have the knack for great tags and awesome animals.
Can't wait for the video. Trophy room remodel for another giant?

Best of luck with the Tatonka


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That's a Dream Bull, I Like the pack picture.

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Damn son that's one heck of a bull

Congrats Joe

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Fantastic Bull Brent!!! Huge. Looks like a lot of fun you had on that hunt. Good stuff.

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