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Went out on opening day of Nevada's Turkey hunt. It was OK. It had snowed just before I showed to hunt so the roads were terrible. Opening morning I heard 4 gobblers, 3 together and a single bird. So I took off after the 3 that were together. My mistake, they were Jakes. I had my decoys out and they came right to them. After waiting for 12 years for this tag I decided to just wait it out. I went home after that, the roads and trails were so muddy I was tracking mud everywhere and my RZR weighed an additional 100 pounds so, I left. I went home and decided to go up the following week. I went up and that morning heard a single gobbler. The evening before I watched a single hen fly up into a tree. So I knew where I would be the next morning. I got up a little late and didn't get to the fly down area fast enough. I heard his gobble and when I got close to it I saw 2 turkeys running across the burnout. Blew it I thought. I grabbed my box call and let loose on it. No answer. Did it again and he responded from 500 yards away. I stayed where I was and called again. He gobbled and then at the top of the hill I saw him standing. I really couldn't believe he was coming from 500 plus yards and coming in fast. All of the sudden he was there, but off to my left and in between a PJ and me in full strut and drumming. No shot. The hen came with him, she was behind me and calling also. Well, he started to leave and I used one hand to call him with my box call. He answered and came right in front of me and stood there. Well the story is over, 25 yard head shot, 9 1/2 in beard and 3/4 inch spurs, 2 year old bird. One question for those in the know, what type turkey is he, RIO or Merriam? I shot a nice turkey on the North rim of the Grand Canyon and according to Arizona Game and Fish those were suppose to be Merriams. I Placed the tail feathers side by side and they look the same. Confused. NDOW on hunt stats says they are RIO's? Any real Idea?

Kerry's April 2020 810.jpg

Kerry's April 2020 795.jpg

Kerry's April 2020 800.jpg

Kerry's April 2020 798.jpg

Kerry's April 2020 804.jpg


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Nice story and GREAT bird.Am sure you bagged a RIO,again CONGRATULATIONS ... Bruce & SilverGrand


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Nice job . Rio for sure. We just got our Washington turkey opener shut down. Was to open on the 15th. Hope maybe in May they will open it up.


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I'll be going up to Utah this weekend for there Turkey opener. Called yesterday and they said the season hasn't been shutdown. Looks like I'll be hitting the gas pump with my alcohol.


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It is possible that you have killed a hybrid, as occur in transition zones between the two subspecies. I guess it depends upon the source of the birds, and I do not know where Nevada acquired its birds. In my own area I have killed turkeys with tail tips ranging from white to chocolate brown in the same location where they have existed for decades without any recent plants. I guess many population exhibits significant variation, perhaps a result of mixed bloodlines.


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Congrats on your hunt. I’m of the opinion that your bird is a Rio, but as bull skin said above, it’s possible that it is a hybrid. 👍🏻
Either way... turkey nuggets!!!


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I don't know if this as a fact, but I thought NDOW trapped allot of the birds from the Overton Wildlife area and transplanted them from there. When hunting doves in the fall I have seen as many as 100+ turkeys in the field and then the following year just 20-30. I don't really know, anyone have the real facts?


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Nice, glad to see some people are getting out and enjoying the outdoors with this crazy world right now! Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the post. Im on year 7 trying to get a stupid turkey tag. Nobody at NDOW would tell me what the draw odds were. 12 years to get a tag, seems like I’ll be waiting a while longer.


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There's not a whole lot of turkeys in the state. When I hunt Overton for dove in September, some years there's 100's of turkey there and other years 15-20. They have to be moving them somewhere. Hope I don't have to wait another 12 years. Good luck next year.

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