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Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is March 6th for Kowa Optics

As we are sure you're aware Kowa is a top choice for Spotting Scopes and Binoculars. In business over 125 years they are one of the finest optical companies around. We are happy to offer a couple of their amazing products as this months giveaway.

This month we will have 2 very excited winners.

1 will receive the Kowa TSN-554 Compact Spotting Scope & their Kowa C-554N Stay-On-Case.

A TRUE MILESTONE. - A journey of over 60 years of heritage, refining and developing techniques passed down decade to decade from the Kowa optical masters in Japan. This legacy leads us to where we are now – introducing the new compact Kowa TSN-550 PROMINAR – a truly unique spotting scope, designed to make your journeys truly memorable and immersive.

PROMINAR – THE PINNACLE OF OPTICAL EXCELLENCE - Only the finest optics deserve the accolade of the PROMINAR title. Optics that utilise Kowa’s unique benchmark feature – fluorite crystal, delivering simply the best optical performance available today.

INCREDIBLE CLARITY. - At the heart of the TSN-550 PROMINAR series spotting scope beats a fluorite crystal objective lens. This natural mineral has an outstanding feature of very low dispersion that cannot be found in optical glass. This characteristic enables Kowa to eliminate color blur almost completely and dramatically increase resolution and contrast. Fluorite crystal is a unique feature of Kowa spotting scopes and is a testament to decades of Kowa optical developments.

FLUORITE CRYSTAL – THE ULTIMATE VIEWING EXPERIENCE - A mysterious stone called fluorite, emits light like a firefly when it is heated or exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

Fluorite has an outstanding feature of very low dispersion that cannot be found in optical glass, This characteristic enables Kowa to eliminate colour blur almost completely and dramatically increase resolution and contrast. Fluorite is considerably more difficult to handle than optical glass, it requires highly advanced processing technology.

Kowa put forth extra care, time and technique to produce the ultimate viewing experience with a pure fluorite crystal lens. It’s what makes Kowa unique.

THE DIFFERENCE IS CLEAR. - The optimum optical material to minimize chromatic aberration is fluorite crystal.

Fluorite crystal with extremely low dispersion characteristics is used for the convex lens of the Kowa TSN-550 PROMINAR models.

PERFECTION IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND. - Measuring just a mere 270mm in length and weighing only 800g*, the TSN-550 PROMINAR is truly compact and makes the perfect travel companion.
Kowa’s dream was to create an ultra-portable spotting scope delivering the highest levels of optical performance. This vision has been realized in the TSN-550 PROMINAR.

MORE THAN JUST AN OPTIC – IT FITS YOUR WAY LIFE. - The TSN-550 PROMINAR represents a way of thinking, a way of life. An optic that enhances every moment you use it. It’s unique. A spotting scope this compact creates new opportunities. Wherever your journey takes you, the Kowa TSN-550 is the perfect travel companion.

RELIABILITY GUARANTEED. - A lightweight yet durable, fully waterproof and nitrogen filled chassis ensures performance in the toughest of environments.

THE LEGACY CONTINUES. - Not only does the TSN-550 PROMINAR adopt the unique styling of it’s larger predecessor, it also inherits what makes the TSN-880 still unrivalled to this day – decades of Kowa optical development. The result? A new benchmark optic in the compact spotting scope market.

CLOSE FOCUS - With a close focus distance of 3m – see the secret beauty of nature in glorious, fine detail.

POWERFUL ZOOM - A responsive twist 15-45x zoom eyepiece means you can enjoy clear, close up views of your subject.

ROBUST MATERIALS - The compact TSN-550 series spotting scope has a tough outer shell to protect against harsh environments and weather.

FLUORITE CRYSTAL - The TSN-550 features a fluorite crystal objective lens. This natural mineral virtually eliminates all color fringing.

FULLY WATERPROOF - The TSN-550 series is built to withstand the elements with a fully sealed, waterproof and nitrogen filled casing.

COMPACT & LIGHT - Weighing just 800g (TSN-554), the Kowa TSN-550 series spotting scope is ultra portable, never miss that special moment.

1 will receive their Kowa BD II 10x32mm Wide Angle Binocular with “XD” Lens - Enjoy sharp images with natural color, high contrast and incredible detail, from dawn through to dusk.

Rugged reliability ensured. Every model in the BDII-XD range benefits from a magnesium alloy chassis, a sophisticated moulding process produces the feel and strength of metal with the added benefit of decreased weight.

The lightweight, rugged structure can tolerate the severest conditions and provides a sense of security and longevity.

The BDII-XD are built to last. Use them with confidence. Surrounding the tough magnesium alloy body is a protective layer of rubber armour, not only providing a sure, comfortable grip but also increasing the level of durability.

Each BDII-XD is fully waterproof and dry nitrogen filled to prevent the lenses from fogging and Kowa’s KR coating protects from dirt and other foreign residue build-up that may affi x to the lenses during use.

Take a wider point of view. One of the stand-out optical features of the BDII-XD series is their enviable large field of view, boasting class leading wide angle performance.

Viewing is super comfortable on the eye, making long periods of use out in the field a pleasure.

Engineered for your comfort. The BDII-XD series are engineered to enhance your viewing experience.

A sleek, ergonomic design with a specially selected tactile rubber armour layer ensures easy and comfortable operation - elevating every moment of use.

Operation is flawless. A fluid, responsive focus wheel delivers pin point accuracy and smooth twist eye-cups ensure optimum viewing for both spectacle and non spectacle wearers.

Tailor the BDII-XD specific to your own viewing requirements with an easy to use dioptre adjustment system.

The ergonomic body of the BDII-XD series is as impressive as the optics it protects, with every curve considered to make observation both relaxing and free from fatigue.

This months winners of the GPO GPOTAC 45 Spotting Scope are:

Albert S. of SnipersHide

Jeff O. of 24HourCampfire

Congratulations to Our Winners

Remember to enter our March drawing for your chance to win a Kowa Optics .

It is our pleasure to bring these drawings to you each month to show our appreciation for all the support that we receive. Just our way of saying thank you.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the monthly winners for posting reviews of the products they have won. The forum members value your opinions, as do we.
Please go to our web site and enter. Past entries will not be in this drawing. To keep the drawing available to those that continue to have an interest, each contest winner will be drawn from entries for that contest period.

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