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I am new to spring bear hunting...never hunted for bears. I am going to start researching it so that I can extend my hunting season and give me something to look forward to in the spring. I'll check out NM, AZ, NV, UT as they are the closest states to Cali. I was doing some reading here and see that one of the states has a running tab on bears a quota. That is nuts. What happens if the quota is 1 short and 2 guys kill bears on the same day? That is highly likely. I'm sure there is some leniency with that, right?
If anyone has any info on where to learn a lot about it, please chime in. I will hit youtube as well as I am sure there's some good info there. Thanks!



NM will close a unit when the harvest reaches within 10% of the total allowed. That is how they account for your scenario of two kills on the last day. All that data is updated almost daily on the Game and Fish site.

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