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I've never hunted whitetail in OK, but on a low pressure hunt in SD last year, rattling worked well. In Iowa, I've seen deer just drop and hide when they heard rattling horns. Many years ago, I carried the bleat can, rattling bags, and grunt tubes on my TN hunting. Never felt like they helped so I quit carrying the extra weight.

One call I have found successful for archery hunting is a low volume "baaaaa" to get a deer to stop. Then hope they are close enough to NOT jump the string. I've also used that on ML or gun if they were close enough. I don't worry about them jumping the bullet though. :)

I've heard good things about the snort-wheeze call but can't say anything from experience.

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Grunt call , Primos can have bouth brought bucks under me many many times ! Usually pre rut stage , when they’re on a doe nothing will work !

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