Newfoundland ewe hunt

My 17 year old daughter drew this tag and we are excited to hunt, but we went out there yesterday and took the only route that I now to get there and the road is in terrible shape ( I drive a one ton dually) and I am wondering if there any other access points. We came in from the lakepoint side and past the pump station along the railroad tracks. Also any pointers on where to look for sheep. General areas mainly (north or south end high or low). I have been on the mountain range before and I know where the main guzzlers that are in the middle of the range but we were short on time this last trip and did not get very far around the west side before needing to turn back. Thanks in advance for the help


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That road is terrible on tires, so take an extra spare, and yes it sounds like you were on the right road.
Most of the sheep hang more on the north end to the middle of the range. They can be high or low and both sides of the mountain depending on conditions.
Sheep hunting is a long range glassing game so plan on good optics to find them.


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It may be rough in the dually but you get a couple extra spares that way!
Tough to be out there in prime time without spending the night depending on your starting point.
But I wouldn't worry about finding sheep out there.
Do you know your hunt plan yet? I wouldn't think you'd need to many days.


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Can the northern range Miners Basin area be accessed from I-80 or is the only access coming in from the north?


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The only way to the whole range is from the railroad tracks, either north or south.they all end up on the tracks.

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