Night vision scope.


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Rifle scope or a spotter ?
I have a FLIR scout. Like it pretty well for what it does. Worked fine for some hog hunts, used it for spotting and LED flashlight for harvest.
You can read about all of them over on the Texas Hunting Forum Optics posts.
Price varies widely.
Burris has a new thermal coming out.


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Hi, do you need budget-priced scopes or a more expensive and high-quality one? It's just that I've always used ATN X-Sight optics and didn't know any other alternatives because this optics shows itself perfectly. In my opinion, I saw somewhere that it is included in the top 10 best night vision scope in the world, here I read about it from one article. So if you have money, then you should choose a scope that is at the top. Well, I would do that if I were you, but I don't know anything about budget scopes. So I hope you find what you want.
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