Non hunter carrying shot gun in field


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My dad and I will be hunting elk in Grizz country this fall. We have a lot of experience all over. However my teenage son will be joining us. He has no license or tag. He does not have the back country experience yet and has a lot of fear of grizzlies. I'm just wondering if it is legal for him to carry a shot gun with buckshot/slugs in WY during a hunting season and not having any license just for his piece of mind and protection?

This really is not about debating which type is better, spray, pistol, shot gun etc... Just about legality. He will also have spray and I always have spray and my 10mm.


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I believe he is fine for personal protection. No laws on what we may carry for personal protection.
Someone will chime in though that has more expertise on this.


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Ask Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife how it worked out when they tried to regulate “open carry” during hunting seasons.


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Ok, thanks guys. Those were my thoughts as well, but just wanted some confirmation since I don't want the kid to get in trouble.


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Tell me more. What exactly did they do or what were they trying to accomplish?
WaptiBob probably has a better memory than me, but as I remember OR used to not allow you to carry pistol while in the field of an open big game season. I could be wrong as I never needed one in OR. One of the reasons I asked. When you grow up in OR you get used to regulations that make no common sense ;)


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Nothing scarier than someone who’s afraid of bears carrying a gun in the woods. Please be safe.
I understand that, but he has a ton of experience with guns and as a hunter. He's been killing elk since he was 12 and hunting with me since he was 5. He just has not spent any time in grizz country. I'm not worried about him freaking out with a gun. In fact probably less worried about him than 98% of the NR hunters that will be in WY this year ;) . Just trying to give him some piece of mind since so he can have fun with the hunt.

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