NR cow elk tags?


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Best bet is probably to just buy one from the reservation for $575
Thanks for the tip! Any particular res to check out?
I've not hunted NM before so I'll have to get educated.
Just thinking about a DIY cow hunt for me and a buddy next fall if we don't draw bull tags.


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Look into the Jicarilla Indian Reservation in Dulce, NM. Great hunting and different dates available. Down side, you need to hire an Indian guide!


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If you want to see one the best Jicarilla guides look up Larsen Panzy on the web. There are several videos of him hunting. I have hunted with him a couple of times and he is the best out of all my guided hunts. I normally am a on my own hunter. There is also a good Best Of The West videos showing some amazing bucks.


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Larson Panzy usually only guides for big mule deer and second for big bulls. Not certain he does cow elk hunts much, but hey, $300 a day is easy money when you can pop a cow 10 miles from town.

A Jic cow elk hunt will run $1000. $600 for the tag, $300 for the "guide", and $100 for breakfast for you, the guide, and his family.


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Thanks for this information. It might be something to fall back on for sure. We had been talking about applying for unit 10 around Grants but then discovered no cow tags in the draw. I've never used a guide for a cow hunt but this sounds fairly reasonable.

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