NV 253 Desert Ewe


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My son drew his first big game tag (253 ewe) this year and he's beyond excited! He's been shooting his Ruger 243 religiously and we're looking forward to learning the unit and eyeballing some big rams.

Any tips or suggestions on places to begin? How long do ewe horns usually grow? NV regulations state minimum 5 inches for a legal ewe. It seems the ewe horns are normally thinner? Is it easy to tell the difference between a ewe and a young ram? Any other words of wisdom for a couple of amateur sheep hunters!! Thank you


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I don't have any tips on the unit, but I know you will have a great time.
A yearling ram can look like a ewe, but typically they are smaller. I believe if you take your time and look over plenty of sheep, you will learn the difference pretty quickly.
There are plenty of big rams in that unit so if I were in your shoes, I would plan to take several days to get to know the sheep. They are amazing creatures and you won't get many chances to hunt them. Taking the ewe would just be icing on an otherwise fine adventure.
Best of luck to you both.


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Thanks littlebighorn! I'm just as excited to look at some "big" rams as the chance of seeing my Son take his first big game animal. I've told him several times how fortunate he is to have a sheep tag in his pocket at such a young age even though it's for a ewe and that some folks wait there entire lives before drawing if ever at all. We're going to make several trips to the area to do some looking around and learn just what these awesome creatures are all about.
Thanks again!


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I hunted ewe DBH last year, you will be amazed at how small they are. I'd say the ewe was half the size of the ram I killed the year before. Make sure to view the sheep from every angle. My ewe had 11" horns, and could have easily been mistaken for a year old ram, so be sure to check her from behind. Oh, and make sure you range them with a range finder, their size makes the distance very deceiving. One thing about them, they really are beautiful little animals.

Best of luck,



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>I hunted ewe DBH last year,
>you will be amazed at
>how small they are. I'd
>say the ewe was half
>the size of the ram
>I killed the year before.
>Make sure to view the
>sheep from every angle. My
>ewe had 11" horns, and
>could have easily been mistaken
>for a year old ram,
>so be sure to check
>her from behind. Oh, and
>make sure you range them
>with a range finder, their
>size makes the distance very
>deceiving. One thing about them,
>they really are beautiful little
>Best of luck,

Great info Nvmdf! I didn't realize a ewes horn could get that long. We might have to be a little more picky then :)

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