NV Desert Sheep


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My oldest son turned 12 this summer and was just as excited as his Dad to start applying for tags this year. I decide to put Jaden in for a desert ewe tag as I figured it would give him a chance to hunt sheep before he started putting in for a ram tag which will most likely take years to draw. He ended up drawing a unit that was offering ewe tags for the first time ever I believe.

Opening day was October 5th but we didn't plan on going up for a week or so because of other commitments. When the boss called and said work was cancelled due to weather we decided to make a mad dash for the hills to look for sheep. I planned on it being more of a learning the country and roads trip as it was expected to rain non stop all day. We made it to the unit just as the sun started coming up. We got the Ranger unloaded and headed out. We planned on heading straight to a well known spring in hopes of setting up for a few hours of glassing. I stopped about a mile before the spring to glass an area that looked like sheep county to me and threw up my binos. Within 30 seconds I spotted white butts and I got sheep fever right away :) I got out the spotter and confirmed they were ewes and lambs. We loaded up our packs and started up hill to the sheep that were approximately 800-900 yards away. About 1/4 way into the hike a shot on the other side of the canyon rang out and 5 sheep come up over the ridge just 200 yards above us.

We both sit down and frantically glass trying to find and confirm any legal ewes in the bunch. Sure enough the 1st sheep I lay eyes on is a beautiful adult ewe. I get the range at 190 yards but we had to wait as another sheep was standing directly behind her. We waited impatiently for what seemed like an hour but was probably only 5-6 minutse before the other sheep walked out of the way. The first shot missed but the second found its mark behind the left front shoulder and excited the right flank as she was angled a bit towards us. We were blown away by just how impressive and beautiful this ewe was as we had never been this close too nor laid hands on a sheep before. It was an experience we will both never forget and cannot wait to hunt them again someday.






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Great write up and pictures. What a great day to get rained out. Lifetime of memories in one day. Congrats.



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Congrats to your son, wow that is one fine goat. Nice shoot'n young man😀
You make me jealous....I never have been lucky enough to hunt goats....
great write up and pics. Thanks for sharing...


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