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I have taken many good whitetails and rarely hunt them and would prefer to help other people hunt. The city I live in just started to allow bowhunting 2 years ago. Previously there was no hunting.

Trophy potential is outstanding. Pic attached is the buck I took the first year. I have NOT seen a buck or have any pictures of any other bucks of this caliber except him. They are there but not often. I typically have a couple P&Y bucks coming in each year.

The local park system owns land on 1 side of me and does not permit hunting. The neighbor on the other side does hunt some.

I bait with corn - which I only did for my girls to make it easier for them to hunt. You can stay at my house, borrow my truck and I can provide transportation to Cleveland Hopkins international airport 20 minutes away. You do not have to hunt over bait but success will be better. I have over 10 bucks that show up on camera every year. A 120" deer is extremely likely and 140" too. Over 150" are definitely around but very cautious. I would be a 180" plus deer crosses my land during daylight at least once a season but who knows when and where.

Price includes food, lodging at my house transportation etc. You can even use my crossbow - which is really powerful, deadly and extremely accurate.

I am more looking at someone who I think is a good guy and respectful far more then the money. I will have a wounding policy - draw blood on a buck and you are done.

$2,000 for a week. I strongly recommend 11/4-11/11. You can come back a couple times if needed.

I would also consider swapping this for ocean fishing.

I do not on a lot of land - only 8.2 acres - but my lot is almost a half mile deep so there are many places to hunt. Hunting is from treestands I set and I will provide pics of bucks who are coming in and if nothing is the caliber you want can refund money or push hunt a year.

Price includes as many does as you want and 1 buck.

I can send you the contact info for the guy who hunted my land last year - we swapped for a mule deer hunt in WY.

Email me for more info dvargo71@yahoo.com



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Is it possible to contact you? I would like to speak/meet with you regarding your offer.Based on description I may be close to you and am in one of the seven cities but have had a heck of a time getting permission! I would provide cell number but not good with computers and don't want to get needless calls. TThanks Jim


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I am discounting this hunt to $2,000 for this year - and $500 back if you do not get a shot at a medium size buck. Season ends 2/3/19.

This is for this month only. No one has hunted bucks this year. There is also Steelhead fishing less then a 1/2 hour away. I will have gear for both hunting and fishing.


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I am offering this hunt again for 2019. I did not have a hunter in 2018. I did not take on a hunter because I drew a 4th rifle Colorado mule deer tag,a November Nevada elk tag & WY elk tag. I was gone for a full 3 weeks smack in the middle of the peak of the rut.

No bucks were taken off my property in 2018. I have trail cam pics of a lot of decent bucks. The park system nearby did a deer cull and took a lot of does. This should not affect trophy potential but deer were edgy. I doubt they will cull this year.

Keep in mind this hunt includes lodging, transportation to/from the airport and a vehicle.

I do not require any money down until mid September - so I can see what bucks are around and assure what caliber bucks are around.

$3,000 if I get trail camera pictures of at least 1 buck over 130 (likely). Hunt can be cancelled in October if trail cam pics do not reflect good enough bucks. You can return again same year or the next year if you do not wound or harvest a buck.

If I do not book this hunt AND do not get trail cam pics of a buck over 130 and at least one other one close to 130 I will reduce the hunt to $2,000.

Cleveland is only 30 minutes away and offers a lot of stuff to do while you are here.


>I am offering this hunt again
>for 2019. I did not
>have a hunter in 2018.
>I did not take on
>a hunter because I drew
>a 4th rifle Colorado mule
>deer tag,a November Nevada elk
>tag & WY elk tag.
>I was gone for a
>full 3 weeks smack in
>the middle of the peak
>of the rut.
>No bucks were taken off my
>property in 2018. I have
>trail cam pics of a
>lot of decent bucks. The
>park system nearby did a
>deer cull and took a
>lot of does. This should
>not affect trophy potential but
>deer were edgy. I doubt
>they will cull this year.
>Keep in mind this hunt includes
>lodging, transportation to/from the airport
>and a vehicle.
>I do not require any money
>down until mid September -
>so I can see what
>bucks are around and assure
>what caliber bucks are around.
>$3,000 if I get trail camera
>pictures of at least 1
>buck over 130 (likely). Hunt
>can be cancelled in October
>if trail cam pics do
>not reflect good enough bucks.
>You can return again same
>year or the next year
>if you do not wound
>or harvest a buck.
>If I do not book this
>hunt AND do not get
>trail cam pics of a
>buck over 130 and at
>least one other one close
>to 130 I will reduce
>the hunt to $2,000.
>Cleveland is only 30 minutes away
>and offers a lot of
>stuff to do while you
>are here.

Email sent


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Got it busy now. Also to anyone looking I am a reasonable guy and this has a lot of flexibility. No money due until I get pics of something you want and come back for free the same year or year after. If a solid 145 or above shows up before you book price will go up. Easy hunt and tons of stuff to do in Cleveland.

If I do not get someone I will let friends hunt.


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Sorry I am almost never on here! Yes, best year since they opened hunting. Metropark system are culling does - but not antlered bucks. Less deer - but lots of medium (120") bucks. No doubt the giants are there. I have been getting regular pics of at least 3 different deer that will make P&Y.

Archery season runs until the end of January. No one has taken, or hunted, bucks yet.



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I am doing this hunt again for 2020. I put no real effort into finding someone - the property was NOT hunted at all in 2019. The park system has sharpshooters taking only antler less deer nearby for the last 2 years. There were a TON of deer. Now there are far less deer but lots of bucks. I have never thought a high buck to doe ratio would help much with whitetails but it did. Lots of bucks cruising the rut. As always if you do not take a buck you can come back next year for free. I will only let 1 person hunt bucks. If I do not have camera pics of several mature bucks you can cancel for free.

I will not even require a deposit until I produce several pics, of several 120 plus bucks, from different days. I am sure I will not have a problem. The bucks are nocturnal until the rut. It is always this way in Ohio. You need to come hunt 11/3-11/10. You can also come back late season (January). hunts are boring and limited to literally the last 30 minutes of light. You will hunt the last 2 hours but the mature bucks will sneak in at last light.

Attached are pics from bucks that definitely should still be alive.


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You will stay at my house and have use a vehicle etc. When not hunting or done hunting there is lots of stuff to do in Cleveland and at Lake Erie.


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The last pics shows the ladder stand you will be hunting from. Shots are 20 yards. I have a very accurate powerful crossbow you can use if you want. Wounding counts as a harvest and I must see you shoot before hunting. You can shoot a few does too.


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There will be 4-8 different 110-130 class bucks coming in daily. Some are always nocturnal. Ohio, private land, archery only for miles and very limited hunting plus lots of park land that never shoots bucks means there is definitely 180 potential. I have no doubt at least one (probably more) 175 plus buck shows up somewhere on my land once a year. Being there at the right time is a different story.

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