OIL hunts in utah


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I just saw the once in a lifetime hunt tag numbers for 2015. I can't believe the DWR cannot tells us before the application date what the numbers are. There are not that many animals to count and every previous tag holder has to report harvest info so how hard is it? Example mt goat last year Willard peak 1 Nanny tag this year 8 tags 2 years before 17 tags. I'm no biologist but seriously you can't count animals that are pretty much in a General area all the time. I understand deer and elk statewide but the sheep and goat don't really roam pretty easy to count. Just my rant. Hunters wait a long time for these hunts a little help with number of tags before app deadline would be nice. I know this is the 3rd year it's messed up my chances of drawing


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I know I feel ya...the nanny tags are only given out for excess animals above population objectives. Once a herd is at objective or under...no nanny tags for the unit. Last year was 1 tag because they took goats off Willard to transplant elsewhere...good luck in the draw!


LAST EDITED ON Mar-25-15 AT 12:51PM (MST)[p]They should change the name of the tags to "once in several lifetimes".


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In 2012 Utah Wildlife doubled the nanny tags on Willard Peak and I turned mine back in and got my points back. Now I am a non-resident with 11 points and I will probably not draw for another 10 years. I really want to try the mountain goat hunt with my bow when I draw. Maybe I will get luck and draw the one late season tag this year.



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I will probably move back to Utah in a few years so I don't feel like I screwed up. I would rather hunt a billy.


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