OIL Moose


I notched my Idaho moose tag last Saturday. Saw lots of moose this last trip, but due to the amount of snow was limited where I could go and hunting solo kind of limited me to how far from the road or truck that I got figuring I was going to have to pack it out solo. Spotted several bulls on Saturday morning on the hill side and decided I was going to shoot one of them. Made a plan and started up the ridge on the snowmobile trail. Was thankful for the snowmobile trail otherwise I would have been post holing or really would have had to put the snowshoes to work as the snow was knee deep. Crested the hill and saw 2 bulls together, the one I shot was not one of the bulls I had spotted from far away, I just must not have been able to see him. Lots of folds in the country so it's very possible. Temps we're cold, -15 or so in the mornings and warming up to low 20's before the wind chill. Had a buddy that had a friend from IF that brought his son and they met me at the truck as I was bringing the first load out. That little sled was a game changer as we were able to get all the rest of the moose out in 1 trip. He was the biggest bull I saw all season, but I didn't put as much time into the tag as it probably deserved as I had 3 elk and deer tags (Idaho, Montana & Nevada) so I was pretty strung out this fall. Drove over 10k miles and hunted at least 2 days almost every week since August, either helping someone or for myself. I'm ready to be done for now, but will be ready for Aug/Sep 2023 in a week or two.





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