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These are Oil paintings, not prints. The painting approach is a bit loose which I think brings lots more interest into the piece. I was a police training contractor in Iraq and on our base was a Christian Artist who I became friends with and had do these. Most were cobbled together by me...photos images and such. I guided him through the painting as of course he never had seen these animals. I have too much art and need to downsize. I am a professional sculptor, who specializes in Wildlife , sporting and Christian art. and make my living that way so have been collecting art ...a lot so art for a long time.

Oil painting of similar size and quality normally go for thousands of dollars.
I can stretch on a frame if someone likes or roll and mail and you can do it on your end. I want to move these so taking offers and the deals get better if you get more than one.

Non typical Mule deer the photo was taken by a fellow writer and friend of mine Ron Spomer

24x24 inches $750

Elk in Dark Timber 32x32 inches $850

Two Mule deer bucks on fall Aspens 27 1/2 x19 1/2 $650

Fawns in Aspen glade 27 1/2 x 19 1/2 $650

Vintage Moose hunters- Old Remington add 27 1/2 19 1/2 $650

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I alway wonder what happened to this guy really a nice man...it was a crazy time...2005-2006...he didn't speak english and no Arabic for me so we communicated through the art it was cool...

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