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Mexico high fence has completely gotten out of hand. We americans keep going down there and paying Mexicans to shoot these pen raised deer. That is the problem,so many americans are killing on ego instead of the love of hunting. There is still great free range hunting down there and a lot of it.Guys that hunt high fence is pathetic and are not true core hunters. Its funny cause 9 out of 10 guys wont go home and admit they killed there giant muley in a high fence. Almost all the outfitters are doing some high fence hunts down there so you don't know whats high and whats low anymore. I only know of a few die hard outfitters down there that wont step foot in a high fence to hunt. No matter how much money they could make. A3,Whitaker Brothers,and Brad fulk are the only guys I know that hasn't fallen into the joke of high fence.


most high fence mule deer hunts are more expensive than free range hunts. Were not talking about an auctioned island tag here


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>Mexico high fence has completely gotten
>out of hand. We americans
>keep going down there and
>paying Mexicans to shoot these
>pen raised deer. That is
>the problem,so many americans are
>killing on ego instead of
>the love of hunting. There
>is still great free range
>hunting down there and a
>lot of it.Guys that hunt
>high fence is pathetic and
>are not true core hunters.
>Its funny cause 9 out
>of 10 guys wont go
>home and admit they killed
>there giant muley in a
>high fence. Almost all the
>outfitters are doing some high
>fence hunts down there so
>you don't know whats high
>and whats low anymore. I
>only know of a few
>die hard outfitters down there
>that wont step foot in
>a high fence to hunt.
>No matter how much money
>they could make. A3,Whitaker Brothers,and
>Brad fulk are the only
>guys I know that hasn't
>fallen into the joke of
>high fence.
high fence will keep the bucks in, I never heard of low fence keeping a deer in.The high fence are always at the outfitters home place.

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