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I am considering this app to help in determining private property borders, BLM, Forest Service land, unit boundaries etc. Hoping to get some feedback from some of you who have the app and have used it? Is it helpful? Does it indeed clearly mark property and boundaries? Is it user friendly and do the things that they advertise?

On their Facebook site, there is quite a bit of negative feedback about poor customer service and support, as well as the app not functioning as advertised. Just hoping for some feedback from the MM crowd who have experience with said app.

Thanks in advance for any feedback or thoughts.

Happy hunting!

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Thanks for the response and link to the same topic on another thread. Sorry I missed that other discussion earlier.

Sounds like the customer service and support issues are legitimate, and makes me re-think getting the app. Are there any alternative/better apps or programs out there that anyone knows of?

Thank you


LAST EDITED ON Nov-04-16 AT 08:18AM (MST)[p]I liked Trimble's app, but they've stopped supporting it. I tried Gaia for a Wyoming antelope hunt, but they don't even have the correct BLM maps. Numerous places their maps showed property as BLM when it wasn't! Customer service said they're working on updating their maps (wow, good idea). My son then tried the OnX free trial. Seemed to work OK, but we didn't end up needing it much. I'm trying the OnX trial for my deer hunt next week.


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I don't have the app but I have the chip for my GPS and I like it. With that said, I try to avoid private property at all costs though. Don't even like to be within shooting distance of it. So for accuracy, can't say for sure cause I have not been in situation where it has been needed to be that close..


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I would get the card and a gps - not the phone. I used mine on my phone. Awesome. But encountered some issues first - twice, regarding an update to the app causing me to delete the app (and stored in offline maps) and reinstall. I don't like that.


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I used gaiagps on my phone for a gps this year well Werth the $20.00. Down loaded the maps before I went hunting and ran airplane mode while hunting. WAS dilagent about changing the battery when I could never had battery issues.worked perfect five star rating.


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I was just talking to my cousin yesterday about this . I have the Card and GPS and he has the App. I guess the App is nice when your at home or when you have good service . The Card/GPS works anywhere. It shows your location is if your on public private state etc . I have literally walked boundaries knowing that I can hunt the public to my left or right the whole time . Its just nice knowing exactly where you are .Last year approached told I was on private (guys trying to run me off) I said really ? Showed the guy my gps the map it showed right were we were standing clearly on BLM , That has happened a couple of times . Landowners have been posting public for years its been a game changer for sure Its just really nice knowing exactly were you are at all times . I just bought the Card for Colorado gonna use it next week . I guess the app is 30 for a year ? The card is a 100 and I have had it for 3 years with no need to update yet . So basically your looking at the cost of the gps .Also with the Card in the 3 years Ive had the Utah card no issues I have used Idaho and now Colorado .
Get the chip and you wont be disappointed. We all had the app on our phones and couldn't get service where we hunted. Got the chip and works great. Checked my map with the wardens gps in Wy and matched.


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I use the app, I have the chip, but don't really use it a lot anymore.

The main issues with the app seem to happen when they update the app or put out a new version. I've never had to delete and reinstall. The latest version of the app is really good in my opinion. Just cache/save your areas before you go in and you have base maps and ownership even if you don't have service.



Update on my OnX experience - It worked great on my recent hunt. Numerous times, we got within 100 yards of property boundaries, so it was nice to be confident we were on public ground. I like the phone app - I can have a phone, email & web (when service is available), app for my SPOT connection in an emergency, camera, etc. all in one device. OnX does NOT need a phone connection - in fact, I kept my phone in airplane mode to save battery. I just open the app, hit the home button and it tells me exactly where I'm standing relative to property boundaries. Takes 30 seconds max.
I used X Maps this year for the first time and wasn't very happy with the app. For one, the downloads take forever. On a scouting trip, everything seem to work great and I was happy. On my week long hunt, I don't know if my phone update or the app update changed something, but I couldn't get any of the roads to load on my pre-saved maps. I will probably be looking into something else for next year.

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