Opening day success in Arizona on a Unit 16A Youth-only javelina hunt!


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I had the pleasure of assisting 11-year-old Stockton Haider from Salt Lake City, Utah on his first Unit 16A youth only javelina hunt.

With him was his dad Brady and grandfather Rob.

Opening morning Grandpa Rob found a herd and after a 4 hour stalk, Stockton got his pig at 115 yards.

Thanks to my friend Marc Schwartzkopf and my brother Gary for the glassing help.

Short hunt, but a huge storm was coming in and I was glad that Stockton got his first Unit 16A javelina.

These youth only tags are easy to draw for NR youth, and are fun hunts.

Call me if you want draw info and when to apply.

Don Martin
Arizona Wildlife Outfitters

Brady, Stockton and Rob Haider Unit 16A 2021.JPG

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