Oquirrh-Stansbury HAMS


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My boy has tried to draw that tag the past two seasons with no luck obviously…
I bet it’s a blast, I too would love to hear your story and see some pics.,,


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I scouted the area I wanted to hunt for two months and saw more than 2 dozen different bulls. During the archery bull season on the unit, I talked to a couple of different bowhunters. One had missed a shot at a 7x7. I'd never seen this bull but a friend told me he knew someone who had seen it and said it was a really good bull for this area. I got a call from a friend who was told by someone else he knew, that he'd seen the bull on the evening of the HAMS opener. I went to the area, as I was camped near by, first thing in the morning. My 16 y/o was with me calling and I had an Eikler cow decoy. We had the bull and his cows at 300 yards. When the bugle sounded, he turned away but his cows came within 50 yards. They figured something was wrong and walked away following him. We found them again in the evening where we never expected him to be. I tried a stalk but ran out of cover at around 250. My son cow called above me and again the bull walked away. We played cat and mouse like this for 3 weeks. On one occasion another guy was watching us work a stalk after he helped us find him. By this time he was all busted up. The bull walked past him at 100 yards and he got a photo. After 3 weeks and several failed attempts at this bull and 2 other nice 6x6's, I couldn't hunt anymore so I decided to just fill my tag. I was able to sneak to 20 yards of a 5x6 trident bull we bedded, while my son watched through the scope.
Later I retrieved my cameras, I hadn't looked at since the day before the opener and had the 7x7 on one early in the morning on the opener. Time was off on my camera but I knew that and figured out it was Oct 6th.

My son loves to do home euro's after we did a euro on his buck from the year before. This bull was cool. Small but cool. My first bull ever, as I've never had any real chance to hunt bull elk. 30 years of active service as a Marine will do that to you.
my bull.jpg

Here's the 7x7 busted up. There was a smaller 6x6 running with his cows and he was following up trying to get them back.
busted 7x7.jpg

I had fun, but it wore me out and I ran out of time. Those open site requirements sure can make it tuff. I'm glad it did. I had several chances, but elk are a lot smarter than me.
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