Osceola Turkey

I have a large private property with good turkey hunting 1 hour east of orlando. 9-10' beards and 1.5' spurs on average. 100% success in the first couple of weeks of season. Usually take about 10 birds a year, mostly with guest. Good possibility of shooting hogs also.

Interested in an Antelope or lion but open to other ideas. Could be open to multiple birds/hunters or consecutive years if your starting a slam attempt.

This hunt could work for someone who unfortunately finds themselves at Disney with family and could get away 1-2 mornings.


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>Man, I wouldn't mess with a
>bird that had 1.5 ft
>spurs! And a 10 ft
>beard? These turkeys must be

lmao....no kidding

Sorry I didn't get back to some of you guys earlier, its been awhile since I checked the site. I've been getting ready for a busy 5 state season. I'm not interested in turkey trades, I've places to hunt them. Just thought someone might have a landowner option for antelope.

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