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High Uinta Pack Goats, located in Evanston, Wyoming, has approximately 9 trained pack goats available for summer and fall pack trips. Goats are a fine option when it comes to pack animals, and much safer and easier to deal with than horses.

Take a couple goats on your summer scouting and pack trips and extend your distance and time in the backcountry. The more time you're scouting, the better chance you have of finding the big one.

Clay only uses the best goats for packing and works with them year round to keep them in great physical condition for their pack trips.

Pack Goat Advantages:
Carry all sorts of gear, greatly reducing the amount of gear you have to carry. Goats can easily carry 20% - 30% of their body weight in saddles and gear (a 200 lbs. goat can readily carry 50 lbs. all day)
Goats handle rougher terrain better than other pack animals
Goats have minimal impact on the environment
Goats don't need large quantities of feed, they can browse on the trail
Goats do not need water every day, if forage is good. (three days is not uncommon)
Goats are relatively easy to train and easily handled by people of all ages and abilities
Goats will haul in a small trailer or a pickup with or without a canopy
Goats are pleasant animals who will stay with the herd and not stray from the group
Goats do not need to be lead, they follow naturally
Goats are well suited to No Trace Camping practices

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