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Now that Utah draw results are out, make sure you book some llama rentals before they're all rented out! I have up to 7 pack llamas available for rent throughout the summer/fall/winter. Prices are approx. $70/day/per llama. I also have trailers available to rent out...(see website link below for all pricing).

Llamas are very low maintenance, sure footed, can carry about 80lbs, and require less feed and water than horses/mules which makes them perfect pack animals for backcountry hunts/fishing/hiking trips.

Services we offer:

- Game pack-outs in surrounding areas ($1000 for elk, and $600 for deer - Give me a call and I will come pack out your game).

- Rentals for parties, weddings, etc.

- Male stud services if you're interested in using our males for breeding.

- We occasionally have llamas for sell if you're looking to buy some.

*update: starting October 2019 we will have 2 llamas in Cody, WY, and they will be there during the fall and will be available to be rented out.

Located near Enterprise, UT, in the summer... and Mesquite, NV, during the winter/spring. I may be willing to transport part of the distance if necessary.

Give me a call or check out our website for more info!

Call/Text: 435-256-7882


Instagram: @backcountry_logistics



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>what is the water required per
>pound packed compared to a

The amount of water needed will obviously depend on whether they are working, or if the weather is hot/cold, etc... but just a general idea... I would say a llama drinks about 1-2 gallons per day. If they are just sitting in camp, sometimes they will go 2-3 days without wanting any water. If it's hot, sometimes they will want water daily.

I would guess a horse could easily drink 5-10 gallons per day?


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They should be great for the walk in hunter.

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