Persistence Pays Off 2024 Lions


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Today was a great day !!!!
I have a great friend that’s been trying to get a mountain lion for several years with no luck over the last 3 seasons but today was his day..
As some of you know, if you follow me on MM , I chase mountain lions every year to do my part to control the predator population.
So this morning about 5am we cut a track on my place …I called my houndsmen he showed up about daybreak and we let the dogs do their thing..
after about a 3 mile dog chase we finally treed the cat not a monster male , around 110-120 lbs but nonetheless, it’s one less muley deer an elk killer in my backyard 😜

My buddy was able to harvest it with his bow he currently is an archery manager at sportsman’s warehouse in SW MT and he ships off a week from this Monday for Navy Seal/Buds training, so it was a special moment for both of us after a long grind.
If you have ever had the privilege to know a person like this they’re truly a different breed of human..

God bless them all !!! and all that have served!!!

God bless America and God bless cat hunting it truly is a passion until you’ve done it you’ll never know.🤘🤘🤘🤘

PS I’m the Qtip on the left 1st pic 😂😂😂

Hope you all enjoy the short story



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