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Let's see some of your Hunting Photos of the Year for 2020. Of all the pictures you took in 2020, which hunting photos would best describe your year of hunting. Or which would jog your memory in 20 years of what took place in 2020?

Share as many as needed, but don't get too carried away. Maybe up to ten if that's what it takes. Add a little detail about the pics too so we know why they'd help remind you of your 2020 hunting adventures.

We'll run the photo contest for a few weeks and then I'll randomly pick a winner. Each photo shared will count as one entry and every 10 reactions that your post gets will get an extra entry. Just a fun contest. We all love seeing the photos.

The contest prizes will be a Phone Skope Kit for 1st place and Pyro Putty and an Arch Lighter for 2nd place. Thanks to the folks at Phone Skope for the gear! If you don't already own the a Phone Skope, then get over to their site and get one......that is if you don't win one here! It's a valuable piece of gear to have with you for helping to preserve your hunting and scouting adventures.

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This one might be one of my favorites for a while. I asked dad if I could use my grandma's old 30-30 to try and shoot a antelope this year after I found out I had got a couple of doe tags. He ended up surprising me and giving me the gun for my birthday. Was able to get a doe and also was able to shoot a whitetail with it in November. That was the 1st animal it had shot since my grandpa and grandma was using it when dad was young. Hopefully this year I can use it some more



My daughter looking over her first elk
My Washington buck
Last day Idaho buck
Daughters Washington buck
And a picture of the two of us with her first bull from Washington
Going to be a hard year to beat as far as memories!






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