Place to hang a deer near Uinta Basin or Rangley


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My son has a Book Cliffs North rifle tag and I have a Colorado Unit 21 2nd season rifle tag. Both hunts run the same week starting Oct 19.

I'd like to find a place in the area that I can hang the meat from the first buck that we get (we will likely focus on the Utah tag first). Then I can pick it up on the way home (hopefully with another buck in the cooler).

Does anyone know of a locker that will allow me to just hang the meat for a few days in their cooler? I'm happy to pay a reasonable fee. I'm also open to paying to have the meat cut and wrapped if they are OK with a really quick turn around on it.

Also, with CWD in CO do I need to keep the meat in the state where we took the deer? Any issues I need to be aware of here?

Thanks for your help.


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Try LaVern in Roosevelt, he's been decent to me over the years...


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