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The 2013 Hunt Adventure Challenge is LIVE!!! Share your adventures!!!!

I don't have prizes ironed away just yet, but expect some nice stuff. But for now, go ahead and share your 2013 Hunt Adventures......whatever you've done hunting wise this year.

NOTE: This forum is fully-moderated, meaning that stuff that is posted will not immediately be visible. It ALL has to be approved. And, only owners of threads can reply to their own threads. All else will be removed.

Here's the details:

1 - Each of us who want to share our 2013 adventures, can create a thread and post photos, video, stories, etc. Just tell about our 2013 pre-season prep, scouting trips, hunts, etc.
With us beginning so early this year, bear hunts, shed hunts, turkey hunts should also be included. Whatever hunting YOU do.
2 - If you have kids, set them up a SEPERATE thread to share their video, photos, etc.
3 - If your thread grows really huge, then create a new thread and post a link to the other one in both threads. Lots of photos could cause it to load slow, and I'm hoping you all share LOTS of photos and videos.
4 - Please, if you could, share your video clips at
5 - As stated above, this forum here is for the Hunt Adventure Challenge is fully-moderated, meaning I or a moderator will have to approve everything. We're doing that because the only person that will be allowed to post to a thread is the user who created the thread. All other posts to the threads will not be allowed. So, for example, I will be the ONLY one to post to the "Founder's 2013 Hunting Adventures" thread. We're doing that so that the threads don't get riddled with questions and chit-chat. Questions and stuff can be posted in other forums.
6 - At the end of the year, and throughout the year, we'll pick winners and have drawings. Users of the site, myself, and moderators will decide on winners based on which threads are most exciting, packed with video and photos, with the best animals, etc. Whether you're going guided this year or DIY, share your adventures with us all....from beginning to end. Tell us about your pre-season training, scouting, shooting exercises and practices, photos, some video, some live game if possible, and hopefully some harvested game.
8 - Be sure to only create one thread per user, unless as I stated, your thread becomes huge with lots of pics and such.

Brian Latturner

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