Please, Share Your 2019 Adventures


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I'm hoping you all will share your 2019 hunting and scouting adventures as I will. I always enjoy seeing all the photos and reading the adventures. So please contribute. It's what makes the site enjoyable.

I know some of you have good tags and will be getting out scouting, and then after it hard in a few months during the hunts. Share your adventure with us!

Start yourself a thread and then update it as you go through all your scouting and hunting.

NOTE: This forum is FULLY-MODERATED, meaning the stuff that is posted will not immediately be visible. It ALL has to be approved. And, only owners of threads can reply to their own threads. All else will be removed. Please be patient as I try to approve threads and posts as often as I can.
So, for example, I will be the ONLY one to post to the "Founder's 2019 Hunting Adventures" thread. I do that so that the threads don't get riddled with questions and chit-chat.

I look forward to seeing some adventures shared.

Good luck to you all this year!!!




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