Point holders considering G???


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Looking for one, possibly two people considering a high county G hunt this year, my partner had to back out at the last second, so I am looking for someone to apply with and draw in the special pool.
I am willing to pay tag fees and offer any help they need during the hunt. I've hunted G the past two years and have a few good areas we can hunt and kill big bucks.
If you live too far away, I live within a few hours of the unit so I will spend time scouting to know where we need to be. P.M if interested.


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I'm glad I can run down to the local store and get my General Wyoming tag good for both Region G and H. I remember the days of freaking out before the draws and looking at every angle to get drawn. Wyoming is not an easy place to live with long winters and a high cost of living, but the hunting makes it tolerable. Good luck in the draw to everyone. I think G is getting a little over hyped.


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G does get a lot of hype. But it's the best thing Wyoming has going, and a unit you can kill a 170-180+ buck, unless you pass up those type of bucks like I do. I had my chances at bigger last year, but it didn't work out.
Is the $5,000 draw or not? Sounds like a great deal


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Sounds like a really good offer dry boot. I'm not putting in this year but I'de consider it in the future. It's amazing how much the points required to draw this tag has creeped up the last few years. What's even more amazing is that it's a general tag for residents and it takes half a decade worth of points for a NR. The way things are going this tag will probably require within two or three points of max in a few years.


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>I already applied this year, I
>have 6 points.
>Are you still looking for a
>hunting partner?

I don't think you understand what he wanted. The gist of his post was to find someone with enough PPs (9 or 10) that he could party with so they could both draw the tags in the Special Draw and he would then offer scouting information or possibly even hunt with the person. He wasn't just asking for a partner to hunt with.


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Topgun is correct, I was looking for someone with Max points to give us the best chance of drawing in special.
Hunterturbo contacted me and made me a great offer I couldn't turn down.
After talking to him for over an hour, we realized we have a mutual friend, and hunted elk together 5-6 years ago. It is a small world sometimes.
Good luck to everyone this fall. :)

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