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How do you do it?

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when smoking a brisket is it fat side up or down?


Up man!! Up!!


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Kinda off topic but does anyone keep deer or elk brisket? How do you cut it off? Watching Taco Chronicles on Netflix, interesting taco preparations from cow... Anybody ?

Phantom Hunter

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I do brisket a little different. I cut off all the fat I can and set it aside. I then add my rub and smoke over mesquite coals for about 4-5 hours. I then place brisket in large aluminum pan add a little of the fat I cut off to top of brisket, seal pan with heavy foil and resume cooking until it has cooked a total of 12-13 hours at 250-275. The remaining fat gets vacuumed sealed and frozen for use in grinding deer or elk burger. My briskets always get great comments and eaten quickly by friends and family!


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I seems fat up/fat down is determined somewhat by whether you plan to use a "mop sauce".

Many of the Traeger recipies call for fat down.

Bbq is cool because you can do your own thing.


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Fatside up always. Also finish mine off by rubbing it down in brown sugar as it rests and putting it in an oven bag wrapping it in tin foil and back in smoker to sweat until it reaches 185 for sliced or 205 for pulled. I preferred pulled brisket sanwiches topped with slaw and pickled onions.


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Personally, to me it depends on if your using indirect or direct heat. With a Pellet smoker even though you have a heat deflector it yields more direct heat.
I’ll smoke fat side down in a pellet smoker until I hit 165 Fahrenheit or so. Probe for tenderness. If it’s tight let it ride a little longer.Then flip it fat side up to finish in oven until internal temp is 200 Fahrenheit ish. Save on pellets this way .Again probe for a buttery /slide in tenderness.

offset smoker always fat side up.

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