Post a picture and age of your bull.


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Hey, something a little different, I had a similar post in the Utah forum but thought I would bring it over here to the elk page.

So here goes if you know the age of any of the elk you have killed post a photo with the age.

If you want to include any other information such as score, weapon used, state killed, unit killed, feel free to include it as well.

I'm not sure how many other state's besides utah does tooth aging so hopefully we have more than just Utah bulls.

If you killed a Utah bull and don't know the age but you turned in your teeth you can look up the age by going into your DWR profile, there are different tabs at the top that show things like application history, surveys, points totals.

Click on the surveys tab, find your survey for your bull, and at the bottom of the survey it should tell you the age. (Note: 2022 results have not been added, but any year before that should be included.

Will be interesting to see what everyone has killed.
I will start it off.
This is my cousins bull.
Utah archery 2013, Age: 8 score: 333
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Thought I would post this interesting one. Wolf kill. Score umm 150 ish. Lol.

ivories worn down gone. Molars below the gums. Some front teeth gone and one with a hole. They guessed him 18-20 years old. I wish I would of taken a picture of the teeth it was quite the sight

Not a bull, but here are the teeth from a cow I killed in 2021. The front teeth popped out like Pez candies when we pulled them for aging. Unfortunately I moved before sending them off to get them officially aged and they were lost somewhere in the move. We think she was over 20 years old though. Her spine stuck out like a milk cow and her backstraps were about as big around as an antelopes. The backstrap meat is tough as anything I've ever eaten. Crazy thing is she had a calf and milk. 20 years of wyoming mountains and winters, can't imagine what that cow had seen and survived.
elk teeth.jpg
I know it is only a cow but I thought it was cool to finally get to harvest her.
I posted this in the other tread but I am moving it over to this one so I can follow this tread. Fun topic and I really like age data. I save most of my teeth from animals I kill so I can send them in to get the age on them. It is kind of my way of ending the story and it takes the wonder out of my mind of how old I think they are.

I have the age on three of my bulls.

Utah LE Archery. I did not score the bull. Shot it on the last day. The smaller 5x6 bull and the Age is 4 years old.

Utah LE Archery. Score 302” and the age is 6 years old. Bigger 5x6 bull.

Utah General Any Bull Muzzleloader. Score 350” and age is 12 years old. 6x7 bull.

Fun post, I like age data, it is fun to know the age of the animals I get. Have fun.



Left to right 310, 335, 360
So the 7 year old bull on far right is 25 points bigger than middle 12 year old bull in the middle. Feed and genetics after 7 years old is the ticket.
A lot of 7 year old bulls are 350 plus IF they have the genetics. A lot of 320 year old bulls are 9-10 year olds, with normal or inferior genetics.
2010 Utah archery bull (Book Cliffs) was aged at 8 years old. He gross scored 310 as a 5 point.

2007 Utah archery bull (Wasatch) was aged at at 6 years old. He gross scored 335 as a 6x5

2004 Utah archery bull (Manti). I shot him on the 2nd to last day I could hunt. He was an immature 6 point. No age data- Probably 3 years old.

Cool thread! Fun to see all the bulls/ages.




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