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Going into the final days before the results post let’s get some positivity going and throw up some of the great memories of why we love New Mexico so much. As a non resident I’ve hunted NM a half dozen times and it’s never disappointed. What a game rich state to hunt elk and other species. Good vibes and good luck going into the draw.

My elk hunting experiences have surely been my favorite.





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Some from an unsuccessful hunt last October. One of my favorites though and I can't wait to draw again (and hopefully take one of these things with a bow!)





Also struck out on antelope with the bow last year but had a great time. Probably never draw that tag again as a non-res now :(



I've never "trophy hunted" before but I spent the last 3 days trying to get on this buck. Got within 100 yards 3x but could never close the deal!!


I did have some luck 2 years ago though!


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If I never draw another tag in New Mexico it would be hard for me to complain - much. My family and a couple friends have drawn seven elk tags, nine antelope tags, six Oryx tags, one mule deer tag, and in some pretty exceptional units. During this same time I have drawn 0 tags in CO, 1 antelope tag in Wyoming, 2 really good tags in Utah, and 0 tags in Arizona. Of course I have lots of points that will eventually get me tags but in my opinion New Mexico has the best system out there even with the LO tags and Outfitter tags. If I could pick I would like to draw one really good archery elk hunt and a solid youth hunt for my daughter - fingers crossed. I am guaranteed a good archery elk tag in Wyoming this year if New Mexico turns the spigot off.


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New Mexico has good youth elk hunts if you can draw one.
Yes they do! The best youth hunts for many species in the country in my opinion. Our family was fortunate as non residents to be blessed with three great youth hunts in NM - Elk, Ibex and Mule Deer. I'm glad my kids, even at a young age understood and appreciated those opportunities. They still comment now when they are in their 20's on how lucky they were to have drawn those tags. Thanks NM!!!


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best state for youth second elk hunt drew tag. First pic was a landowner tag I bought way back then could not pay what they want now though. Drew the tag and took this bull on his second elk hunt. 21 inch firsts and 46"wide shame is was a drought year bull was awesome but would have been a true giant on a better year


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Beast that is a beast the problem with me is I shoot the first one I see as long as it’s legal I tell myself this year I am not going to do it but I do it again.

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