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Over the years I've seen some great photos by members of MM posted on this site.

Here's the gist of it -- post a single photo (or two) each day in a reply with no more than two lines of descriptive text. Limit the photos to outdoor scenics, live animals and people doing things in the outdoors. They do not have be hunting related. Save the dead critter/hero photos for the other forum sections. Lastly, please do not hijack the thread with other discussions unrelated to the posted images. Start a separate thread!

Now let's have a little fun & see how long we can keep this thread going. I'll start with a reply to this message.
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The rut is on...

He's 100% off limits the area he calls home does not allow big game, hunting he will die of old age
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Bow in one hand, iPhone in the other. I chose to pass and photo him, however he wasn't the only customer that came calling. Unfortunately I didn't have time to devote to quality photography, it was perfect light/shadowing and he was a willing subject.
That is Mt. Lassen taken from Lake Almanor. Goose Island sticks out of the water around 4 feet and there has been a flag on it for years. Water was high that year.
Tony you do remember saying you didn't want to see any of my pictures right because you had seen tons of pictures.

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