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Cat looks like it’s about to bite off more than it can chew. I have watched bobcats take turkeys, but not sure if a house cat can get the job done. Nice photo
They did drag one chick home when they were real small, but they learn to “fly” when they are surprisingly little so are harder to catch than I expected. Once they were about the size of a chicken the hunter became the hunted and they started following the crats around. Same with the deer.
To bad. Thought it might of been on your property. Would be neat to watch him grow a few years. Looks like he could have great potential.
That pic is in my “backyard”. I have the cover they spend the day in. They get whacked when they go from my apple trees into the hayfield across the road.

A few of them understand the game. This guy only comes out right at dark. Others of them stay hid as well - I haven’t seen that flat horned guy but the one time.

Surprised you have any deer around with those kitties.
The reason I pulled that chip was because there was a big puddle of blood sorta in front of the camera. I didn’t get any pics of what was bleeding and the only fresh kill I could find was the left overs from a turkey dinner quite a ways away. But I still have 22,000 pics from earlier in the summer to go thru. (n)

Back to real pictures :)

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