Pronghorn Unit 44 Private vs public


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My wife has a unit 44 buck pronghorn tag. She has killed a couple of does in this unit the last 5 years on private land with permission from a few local landowners nearer to the highway. We know the deal - It’s harder when it comes to getting on the larger tracts that have corporate or non- local ownership. And chasing bucks is a different game than picking off a doe. We have a few landowners of who we will ask permission again, And we will be scouting in September, but it would be awesome if anybody here on the forum has any landowner names they could PM me That have allowed them permission in the past. This would help to know what doors to knock on. Also any public Land spots worth scouting would be great. We know this hunt is usually road hunting private land but we will also be looking at a few public pieces. Thanks in advance If anyone is willing to share! -Jess


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Some of the better Antelope are on public, everybody and there brother are trying to hunt around private farms chasing Antelope. Look up or North, she would be able to have a great stock in the foothills

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