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Nevada County is EAST of I-5 so it is considered a Muley not a Blacktail or that is what I last heard on the species of deer here in CA. ZIGGER or any other B&C measurer should know the answer to this question.

No question though that is one nice BUCK anyway.



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+1 Kilowatt east of I-5 doesn't count for true blacktail. Now mule deer, absolutely. He's a giant mule deer and most will never take anything close to his size. Assuming one of the C zones or D?


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There's a big difference between a "Coastal A Zone Blacktail" and where that brusier came from. Hell there's a big difference from where I live in Philo and just 30 miles east.


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Mr Dallon passed away in a car accident in dec just outside of grass valley last year,I had heard about the accident and see the scarred tree every couple days as I drive by.
I didn't know it was him till last night when another friend told me.


Nice buck , but if it was taken East of I 5 its consider a cross breed buck for there are Muledeer on that side as well so not a Blacktail. None the less it is a nice buck !


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Years ago everyone who killed a big deer in California tried to make it a blacktail. B&C offers DNA testing now that eliminates all doubt. Many a "blacktail" have been proven otherwise by this advancement in technology, and suddenly, like magic, the number of giant "blacktail" plummeted when science could prove men at best disingenuous, at worst liars.

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