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Does Wyoming send out checks or just credit the credit cards when unsuccessful. This is my second time applying and first unsuccessful, just wondering.


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>Never mind, just found the answer
>to my question on the
>Wy website. Thanks

Yep, big change from previous years where they issued state checks and now are refunding to your CC.


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Im sure it helps them get our refunds back quicker and also saves on checks/envelopes/stamp so I like it. If you just have to have cash back then use your debit card for appyling then hit up a atm...

I hate the mail. Our postal service is a joke. Mail always at my neighbors. Takes so many weeks to get a small package.

And most of all when we use to apply tags by mail I sent in my permits. Noticed my check was never deposited. The postal service some how made mine vanish and be very very late. When I talked the game and fish I explained and they wouldnt even excpect it with a stamp date when I sent it. Only had to travel 6 hours..


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