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Just a warning to anyone who had their money stolen from Rick Kennerknect, formerlly the owner of Global Sporting Safaris booking agency. For those of you who don't know, Rick and Dick Kennerknecht stole nearly one million dollars from client payments and closed the company down in late 2019. Rick used these client payments to pay for countless personal trips to Africa, a $60,000 truck, two hunting properties in Wyoming, and other exorbitant business expenses according to an FBI investigation that followed the closure of the company. They also avoided criminal prosecution due to the local budget restraints of the Wyoming AG. Former clients who sued and continue to sue have been successful in recovering their funds but most did not pursue their lost trip payments.

Rick and Dick Kennerknecht are now running Charity Safaris. What they are doing is partnering with estate hunt operators in South Africa (Theron African Safaris), New Zealand and Argentina. The day rates for 1 hunter, 2 hunters, etc, are "donated" by Charity Safaris to various non profits (using Donation Match as their primary source of finding non profits). The non profits keep the proceeds and the winning bidders are under obligation to harvest a minimum number of trophies or trophies of specific price categories. Because the trophy fees have been significantly marked up there is no actual savings to the winning bidder. Charity Safaris profits by retaining both a trip deposit and a commission from the outfitter.

This is just a community FYI. I know many people, including myself, who lost thousands of dollars to the dishonesty of Rick and Dick Kennerknect. I encourage everyone to be dilligent when researching any donated hunts online or in person. If your money was stolen by the Kennerkenechts you can contact them to demand your money back at rick@charitysafaris.com and dick@charitysafaris.com.

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