Rifle Stock Spatter Paint


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Has anyone ever figured out how they spray the fine paint specks in gun stocks? I'm trying to duplicate the multi colored speckles over the base color like many high end gunmakers use.

I'm a pretty good auto body and paint guy and I have top quality equipment; I've tried 100 different ideas but I cannot figure out how you get that fine spatter.
Everything you need is in Walmart Super Stores. Spray paint , specialty spray paints , Spyder webbing, spray sand , textured spray paint
Maybe it's not clear about what I'm trying to describe. it's a fine spatter over textured paint. I have found some web paint but it's not the spot type finish like Bansner or the better guns use.

I've tried to hire some of these shops to do it but they're so busy they don't do stock finishing.
I use black or white Krylon marbelizing rattle can paint.

With a little practice, you can easily get what you want.

Once all done, I use matte clearcoat over everything and you're good to go.


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