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You're brave.

If you get serious I'd talk to multiple recent actual American clients before I even considered it. I'm not sure who my buddy went with a few years ago but it was a disaster he was just glad to get home alive from.

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LAST EDITED ON Nov-21-17 AT 10:04PM (MST)[p]My son did an Ibex in Kazakhstan last summer, killed a dang good Ibex, never had a second of trouble, until the female Mayor from a small town next to the highway say him taking a pee, next to the van, and wanted to throw his sorry ass in jail. Humble begging is serious strategy to practice if your prone to do stupid things in foreign counties. :) :) :)

He booked with an excelent outfitter out of Germany that had all the bases well covered. it was very affordable as compared to a lot of outfitters he considered at the SCI show in Las Vegas.

If a Kazakhstan hunt interests you, I'll get you I touch with my son, who can you give the outfitter's name and contact info.


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