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OK, so I've never hunted whitetails before .Started with the points thing in S. Dakota 4 years ago and now I'm starting to think about it a little more seriously. Anyone hunt out there for the whitetails? Trespass hunts available? Any info would be great .Thanks


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Been quite a few years but I’ve hunted it a few times. Depends what kinda buck your looking for ? I took a high 130’s Whitetail on public in a burn area , near crazy horse. Saw quite a few in that 115 to 135 ish range , noting huge but decent bucks and quite a few of them. They can be had on public ground easy enough. Of course your gonna see tons of them on the private hay ground but they don’t stay out there forever. Find where a chunk borders public timber and put the game in your favor. Of course I’ve seen more “big” bucks on the private but I’ve also seen a few on public , right place right time is all it takes.


I have hunted SD for years. What Stillwater says is spot on. I have hunted both public and private. I tend to hunt with some older fellas, including my father, that can’t cover the ground that I can and I want to enjoy the experience with them so have leaned towards the private ground trespass type hunts. If you can cover 6-8 miles a day or more by foot then public is a great option. If you want a more relaxed hunt with greater numbers then a private land hunt is the way to go.

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