sako 300 win mag


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So I'm just getting to reloading just wondering if anyone would be willing to share their recipe on a reloading formula For starters i did buy noslier partion in 165 and 180s same for accubonds and barnes triple shock in 180s so far didnt buy any powder, if i can find it?
There are lots of reputable online resources to get you started. You could start at the data center at Then you can look at options for powders as well.

Those solid copper bullets like barnes will probably perform a little different (a 180 grain copper is longer than a 180 grain lead bullet), and barnes also has all the free info you need.

I wouldn’t use ANYTHING I got off the internet without a second opinion from a reputable source. I can’t believe some of the crazy stuff guys claim to survive doing.
If you're not going to shoot over 500 yards the 180 Partition will serve you perfectly. accuracy has always been good for me with it and performance is second to nothing.

In my 300's my favorite is RE-22. 7828 or either 4831 work great too. if you can find them is a good question.
Ditch the accubonds ……… just personal experience and of many others I’ve come to find out, they don’t perform like they should !!!! Your other choices are great, tough to argue with Partitions or Barnes reputation !

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