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Can you use a scope in NM?
Has anyone used the fire stick before if so is it a good thing?
I seen the 4 main states says no to their use. NM UT CO AZ
I just noticed my state allows rifle use during gun season for deer.
I assume since there haven’t been a lot of muzzleloader deaths it would be alright. LOL!
Sorry! We could only use shotgun with slugs in IL forever then IDNR allowed muzzleloaders which could shoot out to 100+ yards and now they can shoot 200+ yds. I guess their fears of people being injured or killed is not a worry any more so this year we can use rifles. We have too much flat ground for rifles I can see NR trying to kill WT way too far for their ability say in a cut corn field and not knowing whats beyond that deer. Most hunters in IL use tree stands anyway where your shooting deer within 50 yds or less so a rifle isn’t needed. I use Mrs Sikora’s Browning Gold with smooth barrel Improved Cylinder choke tube with rifled Sabot slugs it will down a WT at 80+yds every time. That’s the farthest I ever shot one and I know it’s on the money at 80+ yds
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