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I am thinking about doing some whitetail hunting down in the SE part of Wyoming. I know they kill some really good bucks down around Wheatland but I assume thats all on private ground for major $$. Is there much/any public land on the Laramie River or smaller creeks? Are there places you can pay a reasonable trespass fee to hunt? I would prefer to go it on public land and love to hunt the river bottoms. I grew up hunting whiteys in Michigan and find sitting on my butt and waiting like you have to in the east to be boring as can be. I really love the action and scenery hunting the bottoms. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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yes its mostly privete ground but i don't know the area but look for wyobowhunts i think he is from wheatland.


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Your idea is a good one, but to be honest, you won't find hardly any public land on a river or creek in SE Wyoming. And what little land there is gets absolutely hammered. I'm an outfitter, and I try to help as much as I can. The only good bucks I'm aware of are taken from private property. And trespass hunts are not very likely to get you a trophy either. The places are just not managed to allow bucks to mature.

There are a few outfitters that take big-time whitetails. Our best thus far was 192+ gross, but we've taken many other good ones, too. I would suggest that you look at another location or save for a guided hunt. Sorry I'm not more help. Shoot me a pm if you want some specifics.


ICMDEER, I would like to see a picture of the 192 buck if you don't mind.


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I don't have a copy of the picture handy, but you can see it and more on our website at where there's all sorts of pics and info.

If you need more, give me a holler. I'll be glad to help.

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I have hunted mule deer and Whitetail out of Wheatland and had really good luck getting permison to hunt. I know of about 5 land owners that are free or a small tress fee. I have found that most land owners in that area hate the whitetails because of crop damage. I shot only one whitey there that was 140s but my dads buddys have shot one big guy and some very good bucks there. One was 181 and a couple 150 to 160 range. Matter of fact the 2 largest came from a small ranch that was free and they wanted them to shoot more. I hope you have a good hunt for those little suckers i myself would rather chase big muleys around. These are 2 bucks from Wheatland area from a couple of years ago



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Those are a couple of nice looking bucks. Congratulations. I hunted around Wheatland 2000-2003 but I could never get permission on the private ranches. I hunted around Laramie Peak on the NF. I was able to get permission to hunt private property for antelope (Area 38) but never for deer. The ranchers I talked to were good people.

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I will be hunting a co-workers private ranch in the wheatland area this fall. He has been showing me lots of pictures from his families ranch of muleys and whitetails. Lots of good looking bucks. I cant wait!

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